Sunday, August 25, 2013


New Pulp Publisher Airship 27 Productions (publisher of The Ruby Files) has a way for loyal airmen to show their pulp support with the new Airship 27 patches.


For the first time ever, we offered all our Loyal Airmen a premium quality Airship 27 Crew Patch.  These we debut at the Windy City Pulp & Paper Con to a truly wonderful response.  Then we took them to PulpFest with the same results, our readers truly enjoyed them and remarked at the quality of the item.

Now, with the cons behind us, we are offering them to all you Loyal Airmen via mail.  Each quality 4" x 4" crew patch is only $3 plus a small shipping and handling fee.  They look great on shirts, jacket shoulders or even baseball caps.

If you would like to join the ever growing ranks of Airship 27 Productions' Loyal Airmen by sporting one of these super cook patches, simply write Rob Davis at ( for further information.  


Captain Ron

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