Rick Ruby: Rick's a gumshoe with what seems like a constant hole in his wallet. A fan of a strong drink, a gorgeous dame, and a good case, he's a former cop who now flies solo for whomever has the money to pay his per diem to take the case. His M.O. is fairly standard for the times, part police work, part detective work, part good luck, part bad luck, and part forced information—either from trying to seduce the dame or threatening to beat up the lowlife scum. But he’s got a heart of gold and doesn’t mind apologizing later after bruises or breakfast, depending on the method of coercion. 

Carla St. Clair: Carla's a socialite of the Virginia St. Clairs, the sugar tycoons. She's also a raven-haired good girl who wants to tame her P.I. with a wedding ring.

Evelyn Johnson: Evelyn's a jazz singer and Rick's dirty little secret in a world that doesn't tolerable dating across racial lines, but he really has a thing for this dark, tall beauty with a voice like sweet syrup. 

Donna Dixon: A burlesque dancer at the Boom Boom Club, this vivacious blonde is also an informant with ties both to the mob and to Rick's heart (and other parts of his anatomy).

Edie Rose Adams: Rick's secretary is a brunette girl next door type who treats him like a older brother more than anything else. She’s always trying to get him to go to the mission with her for  taste of that ol' time religion.

Jack "Mac" McGinnis: A former beat cop, Jack's now a homicide detective and one of Rick’s best friends. He’s always willing to give Rick a break and help him out.

May Belle Williams: Belle, as she is known to her friends, took ownership of Belle's after her husband died. Belle has her share of suitors—of all ages—but she has a special place for Rick and sees him as a sort of son she never had.

Bruce “Broom Stick” Strickland: Broom Stick is tall and lanky and dark as midnight with a bright, warm smile and a kind word ready to drip out along with a drink. He manages Belle's and tends the bar, when he's not running shady card games in the back after hours.