Pull up a chair. Light up a Camel if you want. But whatever you do, just don't get in the way. You see, I don't want to miss the show, and Evelyn's already making her way to middle of the spotlight.

That guy nursing the Scotch in the corner, that's Rick Ruby. He's a private dick, a gumshoe for hire. Me and Bobby here, along with some other guys, we're just, well, working for him a bit and making sure we chronicle his cases for him.

And those dames sitting with him. Well, one's his secretary, but the other two, the curvy blonde and the one in the furs and the pearls...well, let's just say that if they were playing cards, poor Rick would be the pot in the middle between 'em. And not just them. Evelyn's got her hooks in the guy too. Must be some nice kind of problem to have, if you ask me.

But not Rick's other problems though. He gets some pretty dangerous cases, and he doesn't always come back without bruises and bullet holes. But he's one of the best in New York when you need a private dick to be in your corner.

If you're new to the club, check out all the stuff Belle has waiting for you. You can check out a sample from the book, get to know me and Bobby and the guys a little better, find out where to buy your own copy of Rick's adventures, and lots more too.

But more about that later.

The music's starting, and Belle's giving me the evil eye. She knows how upset Evelyn gets if you talk during her set. And let's be honest, who'd want to? So... sshhh...