Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Jack Kirby and a few of his friends.
The Ruby Files author and co-creator Bobby Nash will be part of the Kirby4Heroes event this Saturday. We'll let him tell you all about it.

I don't sketch often, but when I do, it’s for a good cause.

Along with artists far more talented than me, I will be sketching for charity on Saturday August 29th at Borderlands Comics and Games for the Kirby4Heroes event to benefit the Heroes Initiative in Greenville, SC. I hope you'll join us. Also, if you've never been to Borderlands Comics and Games before, you're in for a treat. This is a great store run by my friend, Robert Young. It is definitely worth a visit. You won't be disappointed.

I look forward to seeing you there.


About the event:
Come out and celebrate the life of Jack Kirby, King of Comics!

We will be raising money to benefit the Hero Initiative in honor of Jack Kirby's birthday to help comic creators in need. This is a great chance to give back to the creators who have given us the heroes we love. The shop will be donating a percentage of sales on Saturday, August 29th as well as doing other fundraisers to help benefit this great charity. Learn more about the Kirby4Heroes Initiative here. Learn more about the Heroes initiative here.

Borderland's Robert Young
These artists will be on site at Borderlands Comics and Games sketching for donations to the The Hero Initiative:
Joshua Boroughs, Mitch Rogers, Travis Tutterow, Bobby Nash, and more to be announced.

We hope you'll join us.

Sunday, August 23, 2015


Airship 27 Productions and Radio Archives join forces to bring new audio productions together, including audio editions of several Airship 27 pulp anthology titles. Hopefully, we'll be hearing Rick Ruby's exploits in the coming year as The Ruby Files goes audio. Keep watching this space for more news as we have it.


Airship 27 Productions, one of the best known of the New Pulp publishers today, is joining forces with Radio Archives, the leading voice in audiobooks to bring their action/adventure pulp titles to the exciting world of audiobooks.

“We couldn’t be happier about all this,” says Airship 27 Productions Managing Editor, Ron Fortier. “I love great storytelling in any media and have been a big fan of Radio Archives for several years now. How they bring books to life is simply fantastic and brings to mind memories of the golden days of radio.”
Airship 27 Productions was launched over ten years ago by Fortier, a veteran comic book and fantasy writer, along with his partner, professional graphic artist, Rob Davis, who serves as the company’s award winning Art Director. With over a hundred titles in their catalog, Airship 27 Productions is fueled by a stable of over fifty of the finest new pulp writers in the field and a cadre of over thirty amazing artists who provide the books’ interior illustrations and stunning covers for which they are recognized.

Initially begun to create new adventures of classic pulp heroes that had fallen into public domain, Airship 27 quickly expanded its subject matter allowing writers to whip up brand new heroes while at the same time delving into the popular worlds of such classic characters like Sherlock Holmes and Sinbad the Sailor.

“This new venture seems logical,” Fortier continues, “in the next evolutionary step for New Pulp. Radio Archives, under Tom Brown’s inspired leadership, has proven what they can do with classic pulp, now we’re all going to get to see them weave their unique magic on New Pulp. We couldn’t be more excited.”

Tom Brown of Radio Archives commented “We couldn’t be happier to work with Ron and Rob. You can see the passion they have in every book they publish. They are having a lot of fun.”

Tom further said “Audiobooks have been around for 40 years and are just becoming discovered in the last few years. With over a billion Smart Phones that can play audiobooks along with Amazon heavily promoting audiobooks combined with an average 53 minute
commute per day is causing the audiobook field to explode.”

Five years ago only 10% of books had an audiobook version and I believe that number will increase to 90% in the future. Customers now expect a successful publisher to offer an eBook and audiobook version along side their print books.”

As specific titles are chosen, both Radio Archives and Airship 27 Productions will continue to promote each as they become available via press releases and other media marketing tools.

Sunday, August 9, 2015