Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Leftover Teaser Scrap...

“Heya, Donna.” 

            Rick Ruby felt the blonde dancer’s weight shift above him. 

            “Heya yourself, Rick.”

            “That was nice.”

            “Always is, Rick.”

            “Think you can do that thing with the—”

            She slapped his chest, then twirled the few scant red hairs there between her fingers. 

            “No time. I’ve got to see Eddie in a hour.” Her smile fell just a little in spite of the way she tried to hide it. “We’ve got an… appointment.”

            Rick propped up on his elbows, pushing them behind him so he could almost reach Donna Dixon’s ruby pout. “You know I don’t like you seeing Eddie. He’s bad news.”

            Donna grinned. “And you know I don’t like you seeing Evelyn.”  She traced her lips with her tongue. “Or little Miss Moneybags. But particularly Evelyn. I don’t like the way she wants to own you.”

            “Yeah, but just knowing Eddie is gonna get you killed one day, most likely.”

            “Sure, but knowing Eddie gets you the kind of information you, ahem, pay me for.”



by Sean Taylor, from a story that may or may not happen...

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